Program Sportvital Nutrition has been developed for all who want to live healthy. What does it actually do?
  • monitors the energy balance, whether we do not receive more energy than we really need and how much we actually burn;
  • allows to set a weight loss (or gain weight) plan and monitors it and dynamically updates it;
  • analyzes the composition of our diet. It uses the most comprehensive food database that is available in the Czech Republic;
  • except energy intake it allows you to analyze in detail the energy expenditure;
  • communicates with servers and RunKeeper and Fitbit programs which further specifies energy expenditure;
  • simultaneously communicates with ¨clever¨ scale Fitbit Aria, allowing regular updates of body weight;
  • generates individual detailed results reports with possibility of exporting in several formats;
  • It works in the desktop version and in the version for mobile platforms iOS and Android.

Sportvital Nutrition Program help

At Home page (Main overview is displayed in the left part vertical menu covering the basic features of the program:

In the upper right corner there is a button.My profile (, that allows you to set the program for the individual user. Detailed help for Sportvital Nutrition Program, along with a description of all functions can be found on the relevant hyperlinks.